Construction Services

  • Footings/Piers
  • Slab on Grade
  • Slab on structure deck
  • Reinforce concrete walls/Slabs
  • Masonry under and above grade
  • Stucco Stone Veneer and Brick
  • Roofing EPDM/TPO
  • De-construction and Demolition

About D.Pasholli Construction Inc

Since 2010, D.Pasholli Construction Inc has been a growing force in the tri-state area construction industry. Founded in 2010, by entrepreneur Luan Pasoli, but short after he withdrew his interest in ownership at D.Pasholli Construction Inc. Lumturie Sabani took over the ownership at D.Pasholli Construction Inc in March 2016. With her background in the construction world, Lumturie Sabani, managed to operate and grow the company on day to day basis. In August of 2017, Benilda Xhepaj joined Lumturie Sabani; the company continued to expand.


The company quickly established itself as a concrete subcontractor and soon performed work for commercial industry and other contractors throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and into New York.


Great Success in the concrete industry led the company to the next step of roofing. With the ability and knowledge of complete commercial operations, the Company could bid and perform work for the City of Philadelphia as well as other public agencies. In 2017, D.Pasholli began performing sidewalk concrete, site work concrete and demolition as well.


D.Pasholli Construction Inc is certified for Small Business (SB), Small Diverse Business (SDB), Local Business Entity (LBE) and is credited as a Women's Business Enterprise (WBE) and Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB). The company is managed by women; built on a reputation of performing quality work in a safe and professional manner, the company continues its growth.